Triplis Mods for The Sims 4

Social Pariah Trait


The hardcore, no-socializing trait. Must be added to Sims manually with cheats. This is NOT a CAS trait.


How to Add

To add the trait to a sim

  • In Live Mode, hit CTRL+SHIFT+C
  • In the box that pops up, click on it and type in (or copy/paste in) "testing cheats on" (without quotes), then press enter
  • Again in the box, type in "traits.equip_trait SocialPariah" (without quotes), then press enter

To remove the trait, replace the command from step III with "traits.remove_trait SocialPariah"

Note that you can add or remove it at any time, your choice! So if, for example, you only want to avoid being targeted by socials for a few sim hours, for some totally normal and not at all weird or nefarious purpose, you could add it temporarily and then remove it later.



With this mod:

  • Social Need won't decay.
  • Other Sims can't initiate conversation with you in any way.
  • You can initiate conversation with other sims to a very limited degree. Very limited meaning, there may be a few exceptions, but for the most part, this trait will make you an isolated hermit, socially. [If you're a Vampire, I suggest using plasma packs, or removing Social Pariah when you need to feed.]


What It's Meant For

This was made as a trait to use if you want to play a sim who is a total loner with zero interest in other sims (though you are of course welcome to use it for whatever purpose you can imagine!). You can go to a bar and drink, while everyone pretends like you don't exist, to simulate reality more accurately. You can play that person who feels alone in a crowd; who seemingly walks through life like a ghost. Except not a sim ghost, but an actual ghost who no one knows is there. You could do a strange experiment where you have a household full of sims who have this trait and then you film it happening. You weirdo.

It's advisable to use this with autonomy turned off, to avoid any awkward situations where your sim tries to initiate conversation and it doesn't work because of the limitations of this trait. I figure if you're playing a single, solo sim, you'll probably be attentive enough to control most of what they do anyway.