Triplis Mods for The Sims 4

Phone Animation Replaced with Listening Animation


Wanting to play a time period before Phones, or just tired of seeing your Sims on them all the time? This mod replaces Phone animations with the listening animation.


Animation Replacement

This mod replaces the following Animation Element files and one JAZZ file, changing what animation they call on:

  • Phone_Browse | S4_EE17C6AD_00000000_0000000000002DB5
  • Phone_Chat | S4_EE17C6AD_00000000_0000000000002DB6
  • Phone_Chat_Exit_Only | S4_EE17C6AD_00000000_0000000000012E34
  • Phone_Chat_No_Exit | S4_EE17C6AD_00000000_0000000000012E33
  • Phone_Play | S4_EE17C6AD_00000000_0000000000002DB7
  • Phone_Text | S4_EE17C6AD_00000000_0000000000002DB8
  • Teen_Idles | S4_EE17C6AD_00000000_0000000000009982
  • Teen_Solo | S4_02D5DF13_00000000_C784E34535395DC5 | JAZZ file