Triplis Mods for The Sims 4

Nap on the Ground


Can click on yourself and Nap or Sleep. Works like other Nap/Sleep, except you can do it anywhere and just Nap/Sleep on the ground. Teen or older can use it.


Nap and Sleep Interactions

These interactions are autonomous, which means Sims may do them of their own accord when they are low on Energy Need.

Sims may Nap, identical to the stats of napping (for example) on a sofa, with the addition that it can be done anywhere and they will do the animation on the ground.

Sims may Sleep, in most aspects like sleeping on a bed (I suspect the amount of Energy gained may be consistently less, since there is no aspect of "quality" from sleeping on the ground).


Two Versions

The Maxis animation I used for the Nap part of this mod was evidently not built to accommodate super speed. It looks ok at the fastest waking speed. With the sleeping super speed, it looks jerky and weird. For this reason, I'm including two versions of the mod:

YesSuperSpeed - Works like other Nap interactions, including being able to go into the fastest game speed

NoSuperSpeed - Works like other Nap interactions, except you can't go into the fastest game speed

Only use one at a time (NOT both!).

(Note: The distinction only applies to the Nap interaction. The Sleep interaction will allow the fastest game speed either way.)